About me


Pieter Mouton, as mentioned above. I was born the 18th of june 1993. I recently moved to Waarschoot, after living in Aalter for 25 years. I have a girlfriend and she’s an art director.

My hobbies

Next to being a developer and working on a lot of side projects, I like to spend my time playing tablesoccer on a professional level. I play in first devision with ‘De Kluizenaars’. Besides that, I also play regular football. My team VK Flamingo’s plays in the first devision of ‘Meetjeslands liefhebbersverbond’. I also like to run long distances: I ran 2 marathons (times: 3h44 and 4h55).



I graduated in the summer of 2015. I studied Graphic & Digital media - Multimedia productions at Artevelde university college in Mariakerke (Ghent) for 3 years. Before that, in highschool, I studied something totally diffrent: electromechanics.


I started working as a PHP Developer at Hannibal Advertising (Roeselare, Belgium) in September 2015. At Hannibal Advertising, I used to work on different kinds of projects, going from frond-end development to back-end development. These projects are 90% Drupal 8, but also sometimes in Laravel or other PHP frameworks. In May 2021, I decided to join Endare (Ghent, Belgium) as a Laravel developer.


(not limited to)

Front-end development

These are the front-end tools I’m using regulary:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS
    • scss / sass
  • Javascript
    • jQuery
    • VueJS
  • Templating engines
    • Twig
    • Blade
  • Libraries
    • Bootstrap
    • Lot’s of other front-end libraries

Back-end development

I’ve worked on different projects as a back-end developer. Most of these projects used MySQL based databases but I also have experience with MSSQL. I worked on back-end projects in Laravel and Drupal (7 and 8). I have experience building sites and shops using different external services like MS Dynamics Navision (via API or via Soap), Multivers CRM (via API), Mollie payments (via API) and lot’s of other back-end implementations. I wrote a blog (in Dutch) about integrating Drupal 8 Commerce with MS Dynamics Navision, you can read it over here. For most of the external services I wrote a custom integration.

Drupal 7/8 module development

I made a lot of modules for Drupal 7 and 8 websites. These modules range from custom CRM integrations for Drupal commerce webshops, to easier custom modules. 

Drupal 7/8 theming

As a Drupal developer, I made countless custom themes for small, medium and bigger websites.

Command line

I use the linux command line on a daily basis. Especially for managing and deploying my projects with GIT or setting up Vagrant. I also use command line for executing composer commands or downloading NPM packages.

Ionic hybrid app development

I’m also interested in developing apps as part of webapps. That’s what I did for Tablesoccer.be: I made an iOS and Android app with Ionic. This app integrates with the website via an API.

Projects I've worked on


Tablesoccer.be was originally my thesis project at Artevelde, but quickly grew into a major side project. Because of my passion for foosball, I made a website for Tablesoccer tournaments with an online tournament organization tool, made in Laravel 5. I also made an Ionic app for iOS / Android. Tablesoccer is used multiple times a week for organizing different tournaments all over Belgium.


The Kicker.live website is a site that contains everything you need to know about tablesoccer in Belgium. The idea was building a new website, that could be used for generating content about foosball in Belgium (blog), but also integrates the competition and their results, tournaments announcements and so on. I build the website with Drupal 8, with a lot of customization for the visualization of competition data, mainly decoupled with VueJS. This data was previously in kickerfreak.be, but I merged most of this code into this website.


A side-project I did, which was the first (basic) version of the newer Kicker.live. The website contained a lot of data, that was scraped automatically from diffrent websites. The data displayed were all results of the competition, organized by multiple federations of foosball in Belgium. After that, specific calculations were made: for example an ELO-calculation was integrated. The project was challenging, because I used webscraping in PHP (the old school way) and I quickly had a lot of data to process for the ELO calculations.


For MExT, a company that provides first medic products in a B2B market, I build a multidomain Drupal 8 website with a Drupal 8 Commerce 2.0 webshop integrated. The webshop is fully integrated with MS Dynamics Navision, via a Soap integration. The webshop integrates with Navision for synchronizing customers (in specific groups), products (with diffrent prizes depending on the usergroups), customer adresses (so users can directly select previously used addresses), appointments, order history and orders. When a customer places an order, it gets directly pushed to Navision.


Klaariskees is a platform that brings handymen and clients together. The site contains a chat and an integration with Mollie payments for subscriptions and regular payments online. The chat has a booking system for handyman and also a special flow to make appointments, because we needed to keep all communication on the platform.

KPNI Foodie

For KPNI Foodie, I made a Drupal 8 commerce webshop, fully integrated with Multivers CRM via the Multivers API. This webshop integrates with Multivers for customers (with diffrent roles), products (with diffrent prizes, depending on the user role) and orders. The webshop works with Mollie payments and has a lot of extra's depending on the user that is logged in.


MyAtalian is the webapp of the ERP-system of the company Atalian Belgium. This webapp is directly integrated with the MSSQL database that powers the custom ERP-system made for Atalian Belgium. It was a challenging project, but we managed to build a nice webapp that has role-specific requirements.There are customers and employees of Atalian Belgium using the webapp daily. The logged in user has access to one or multiple projects and all their information.